Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Proposal – Conceptualised Photography – Ten Inspirational Photographers

Relates to Outcome 1 and 3 (see 3 in research folder)


Conceptual Photographers/Subject Matter for Proposal (Context)

What have I done?

The purpose of conceptualisation is to envisage, plan and create a series of images for an academic/photography assignment based on sunrises and sunsets. These are a list of ten photographers who I have turned to for inspiration. Their work will be examined closely in order to give me the inspiration to create my series of photographs from the proposal (see draft 1: Advanced Studio Practice: Proposal 2a)

Photograph: Paula Thompson-Fearnley  Andalucia: Spain, June 2014

Photograph: Paula Thompson-Fearnley
Andalucia: Spain, June 2014

Ben Heine

Ben Heine is focussed on visually creating new ways to photograph, often mixing drawing with photographs to make interesting, often surrealistic results. Nature, humanity and sociology are all interests of his, which I feel a resonance with.

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish is a landscape photographer who holds workshops teaching photography, who I have met and worked with. I admire the tonal qualities of his work. He is an accomplished conceptual photographer who schedules planned outings often taking photographs of Roseberry Topping in Northallerton where he lives which have a delicacy that appeals to me.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is a master of photography who documented the landscape often depicting sunrises and sunsets in vast open countryside of America.

Paul Goldstein (Masai Mara Sunsets)

Paul Goldstein has accomplished something that I have dreamt of since a girl; photographing the sunrises and sunsets of Africa. I particularly like his silhouette work with animals with the sun falling behind them.

Gary Randall

Gary Randall works in the state of Oregon, USA offering photo tours of Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge, which offer spectacular sunrises and sunsets. His images really speak for themselves.

Andre Gunther

Andre Gunther works as a photographer offering online tutorials to problem solving but has a moodiness to his sunrise/sunset compositions that I admire as he manages to create more atmosphere – which turns his photography into an art form.

Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna is a minimalistic photographer who works predominantly in monochrome using very long exposures and even though his photography isn’t necessarily about sunrises and sunsets, it is evident that light and the source of the sun plays a crucial part to his compositions.

Gary McParland (Ireland)

Throughout this website you will see a selection of images showing the beauty of the Landscape and Coastal areas in Ireland, North and South. There are also wonderful images from Scotland and the UK. Gary very successfully conveys drama and mood of his compositions truly depicting the areas where he photographs in the best light possible.

 Yan Zhang

Yan Zhang amazingly is a Computer Scientist and a full-time university professor with specialization on Artificial Intelligence in Sydney, Australia. He started digital photography practice in 2007, which, he says, eventually changed my perception about the world. His sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking.

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is a Californian AI specialist who wrote software for the largest blood specimen data bank. He took up an interest in landscape photography and his work is featured in many magazines such as What Digital Camera and American Photography. Patrick describes photography as ”bringing the world together in a way that nothing else does.”

Kai Wong, Digital Rev TV

Kai Wong is the main front man of Digital Rev TV, a YouTube and Television Presenter/Photographer who has a love of photography that knows no bounds and also has a great sense of humour. He gives advice to budding photographers online regarding equipment and challenges famous photographers to create photographs using only basic equipment. He is a photographer in his own right and often demonstrates a fine flair for photography while producing and directing his shows. I really admire his collection of sunset prints. He often advocates that photography doesn’t have to be geeky, boring or serious yet he still manages to come up with some beautiful shots (while still being funny and informative!)

Turner and Monet for use of light in their compositions.

What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My aims were to research ten photographers that inspire my photography and my projects for this year. I achieved these aims as I have looked into each photographer with particular reference to their sunset photography. (Please see research folder outcome  for more information)

What have I got from it?

I have realised that ten photographers are just a blib in my inspiration, the list is endless and does not take into account my love of artists throughout history. I have reliased that I look to them as influences and for inspiration.

What is next?

Research is the key here, I will continue to be influenced and inspired by photographers and artists alike and I will seek to endeavour to find more inspiration for my own compositions by looking at artists, art, photography and location as a conceptual ideal to improve on my own photography.