Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Strengths and Weaknesses


See outcome 4 in research folder for more information

What have I done?

I have taken a series of motivational tests and experiments to test out my strengths and weaknesses, most of which are recorded in my research folder. However I did find an interesting online test that some may wish to follow that highlights your strengths and weaknesses with a degree of accuracy. My biggest flaw apparently is keeping my levels of concentration sustained on a level that I would like. I agree that I do find this difficult at times that has little to do with personal motivation and more to do with any negativity I absorb. I am therefore better working alone at my one pace in a quiet environment.

What have I gained from this?

The ‘why’ is important when it comes to career or personal development. It isn’t until you have a better understanding of the ‘why’ that you finally begin to start caring about the ‘what,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what’s next?’

Here's your sign - now get going!

What is next?

Internal motivation is one of the hardest skills to come by and built for folks that do not head towards self-help books on a regular basis. Realising that knowing what motivates you is something you need to know before you can use your strengths best. So I will be carrying out these online tests again to see if my strengths are improving or if my weaknesses strengthen during the course!

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