Advanced Studio Practice 2a – Final Proposal – Sunrise and Sunset revisiting the North of England as a journey

Relates to outcome 1 and 3 – see outcome one in research folder


Final Proposal Update:

Depicting the North of England as a beautiful place and revisiting Northumberland as a personal journey photographing sunsets and other scenarios with the above intention.


The original intention was to reaffirm that the North of England is a beautiful place but I reconsidered this when it is obvious that this part of the world is already renowned for its natural beauty.

I began to think about the reconceptualization of my proposal in finding a visual narrative, something that would tell my own story. This is the story of my childhood. There is a collection of images that portray an ideological and personal viewpoint that holds within the images a message of what it was like to grow up in the region and to recapture the feeling of the places I visited with my parents as a child. The overall intention is to work towards the production of a book that depicts that journey with a record of 12 images which will allow the viewer to rediscover their own childhood memories by looking at my own.

Research Requirements:

My overall intention in retracing my own footsteps is to look into the life of St. Aidan and retrace his footsteps for an exhibition I am planning in 2016 at Bradford Cathedral.

Technical Requirements:

Remain unchanged to the original proposal of capturing sunsets.

Production Methods/Presentation:

Remain the same also.

Target Audience:

As described. As an experiment I will be writing up my childhood experiences to narrate a series of 12 photographs to accompany the images and stand me in good stead for my final project for the course (the planned exhibition on the life of St Aidan).

Final Proposal:

A series of Sunrise and Sunset Photographs depicting the North of England as ‘’a beautiful place.”


The intention of this proposal is to reaffirm that the ”world is a beautiful place” (specifically in the North of England: in Yorkshire and Northumberland) by creating a series of landscape abstract images depicting sunrise and sunset predominantly over water. Namely, Embsay Reservoir at Skipton, Saltburn in North Yorkshire, possibly Great Ayton and finally Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland. These places have a special, personal resonance with me as I grew up in Northumberland and adopted Yorkshire as my second home.

Inspiration for this conceptual idea came from a holiday this year in Andalucia, where I became fascinated by a wide variety of colours that changed from moment to moment. From a landscape photographers perspective, it is necessary to conceptualise each image and plan ahead. By using the Photographer’s Ephemeris Tool, I will be able to calculate the best time to visit each site. Each photograph taken (depending on location) will be conceptualised by comparing tonal values, light and shade and composition. My overall intention is to establish and develop my own identity within this genre. I will additionally look at alternative (or divergent) ways in which to engage with my subject. (see test shots 2 for more information),-2.003333&center=53.9872,-2.0033&dt=20141005144600%2B0100&z=15&spn=0.01,0.04

Each destination will then be examined to determine which has the best location for sunrises and sunsets (envisaged through my photography) and comparisons will be made with other photographers who produce work in this genre and chosen area(s).

Research Requirements:

As well as using the tool above to calculate when each sunrise and sunset will occur, additional research will involve studying the composition, context and conceptual work of ten different photographers who work in this genre, who give me inspiration and technical know how (see advanced studio practice 2a: ten photographers below),

Production Methods/Presentations:

Format: In colour, digital, wide angle lens, full frame, on external location (see above). Long focal length, a carefully chosen viewpoint, exposure compensation to suit conditions, tripod, manual ISO, manual white balance, RAW, checking image frequently on the LCD, establishing shots near the horizon and testing out centre weighted metering. Additional metering may be required.

Target Audience:

Connotations to sell: Fine art exhibitions, galleries, cards, calendars and advertising for holiday destinations for the North of England, any section of society appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

The Photographs from my first test shots are currently at an exhibition at the Fabric Gallery, 33a Broadway, Bradford. I envisage staging my own solo exhibition from the work I carry out on this project.

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