Advanced Techniques and Processes: Night Photography – Exposure Test


As well as carrying out a series of night time portrait shots, I have recently taken a series of sunrises and sunsets that test out exposure and the camera capabilities (D3200) against replicating authentic colour against tonal value, quality of light and taking these shots without a tripod. My experimentation will continue comparing these shots with a D800 and the use of a tripod, where I will be able to avoid camera shake. In order to get the colours as accurate as possible and avoid camera shake I will be using a TFT monitor and a reliable tripod with a remote to improve on the sunsets and portraits I have taken so far.


for night time shot test 1 (see featured image)


night time photography test 2 sunset

night time photography test 2 sunset

night time photography test 3 sunset

night time photography test 3 sunset

Research Requirements:

Digital Camera (online 28.09.2014) gives advice with regards to painting with light which will become part of my investigations. NPhoto (January 2014) gives advice regarding using longer exposure times which I will be referring to as part of my research. Stafford S (Practical Photography Magazine, 2014) suggests that timing is essential if you want to capture the best shot.

Production Methods/Presentation:

Being at the right place at the right time is essential for this type of photography. Organisation is required and the portrait and landscape night photography will be presented in different ways and will require different technical approaches. (See proposal draft one for further information).

Target Audience:


What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My overall aim was to compare and test out my reasoning for wishing to purchase a new full frame camera. By comparing the photographs I was able to inform my practice and purchase a new Nikon D800. This purchase has helped me in a number of ways but I have gained the most in technical ability as this camera is more user friendly so I am more comfortable with it. I have additionally learnt that light (or what little remains of it) is vital in taking successful sunsets and by taking a technical approach to composition, lighting and finding appropriate locations will enable me to be a successful landscape photographer who excels at sunset photography.

What have I done?

I have carried out a series of no daylight brief photographs on location in Andalucia with my camera (D3200). I will be testing out the new camera (D800) with the old by comparing shots to see if my composition and technical ability has improved since June 2014.

What have I got from this?

I have given myself a challenge and come to the conclusion that my technical ability, compositional framing and general photographic know how has improved since I took these photographs.

What is next?

To keep striving for improvement on the above.

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