Advanced Techniques and Processes 2a – ”Inverse Square Law”


This is an introduction into studying and carrying out research and test shots into inverse square law as it applies to light sources in photography. Many variables exist that can all be altered slightly in order to achieve different effects, such as shutter speed, variables in the colours of light, brightness source and multiple lighting.

Examples of Test Shots carrying out the dependability of this theory.

Please refer to ”inverse square law test shots.” this exercise is research related only and is therefore a measure of what I will be testing theoretically in the future.–photo-3483

Please see research folder for more information and inverse square law test shots on the blog.

What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My aims were to better understand the theory of inverse square law and by examining the diagrams on this website, I was able to achieve this fully.

What have I gained from this/What’s next?

I have gained the ability to take a series of test shots to test out the theory and will be carrying them out in the near future.


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