Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Conceptualised Mini Project – ‘Whisk’

Conceptualisation Project – Whisk

(See research folder for contact sheet: Outcome 3)

Conceptualised with the notion that something that is ”Made in England” has an old fashioned quality and is indicative of the past. Monochrome emphasises this in a simple yet effective way.

whisk 26

What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My aim in this mini project was to look at divergent thinking of an everyday object and ‘advertise’ its positive points making it appear interesting from a visual perspective. We decided to look at the whisk as a mechanical device that has nostalgic connotations so my colleague and I created a list of metaphors (thinking about emotive and narrative descriptions) for the product we were chosing to conceptualise in a specific way.

I believe that the aims were achieved as a series of visual images offering a solution which highlighted the mechanical uses of the device in a complimentary way thus making the object more appealing. I additionally realised key elements of the object that set it apart in terms of the objects identity, making its use and cultural history and connotations to the past stand out as key features.

whisk 8The creative list of metaphors were:

  • celebrations/birthdays/events
  • mother
  • made with love
  • air
  • nostalgia
  • historical
  • ”Made in England”
  • Skyline product
  • Quantity (as in how many cake were made with this object?)

whisk 15

What have I got from it?

the ‘story’ of the product was interrelated and connected to memories and it had character which associated back to my own past memories of being in the kitchen with my mother, yet, at the same time, this exercise allowed me to explore my own technical ability which focussed on establishing the item as a mechnical tool, yet the lighting and contrast detail of shadow creates a sense of belonging in the past. As a more mature student, I can identify that photographs can create a sense of nostalgia that conjures up a feeling of happy childhood memories.

  • useful
  • baking implement
  • food association
  • hand mechanised/duality/functional/aerodynamic-complex design
  • metal/rusty/serrated edge

whisk 20

whisk 19

whisk 14

Research/Divergent Thinking:

To create this concept and idea, we looked for inspiration regarding taking photographs by looking at Digital World Magazine: ‘The Nuts & Bolts of Macro’ (April 2014 Issue), which demonstrates how the most dull and boring objects can still create interesting images. Teach yourself Macro (et al) and studying Collins Complete Photography Course by (Garrett & Harris: 91, 2008) enabled us to gain knowledge and interest to make a photograph rather than take a photograph.


A tripod, manual focus, with an aperture of f/5.6, making (necessary) adjustments to the shutter speed

whisk 11

whisk 24

whisk 21 hdr

The shadows create an interesting aesthetic making the item appear as if it has a multitude of dimensions, suggesting movement. It resembles an old fashioned mechanical child’s toy.

What is next?

To reconceptualise the ordinary inanimate object by making it appeal more attractive using technical ability, light and abstract, close up compositions to draw the seer into the photograph. I will achieve this by looking again at conceptual ideas through practice and experimentation.

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