Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Sunrise and Sunsets – Series of Test Shots 2

sunset home 26(See outcome 1 and 3)

Test Shot 2:

What have I done?

Following on from my project proposal, I have felt inspired by Brassai (see my night photography mini project also) and by looking at interesting/divergent ways of capturing the sunset. In Photography Mag 2013, a feature describes alternative ways with regards to conceptual thinking when it comes to taking sunrise and sunset photography. The feature describes the basic kit you need and how to choose your camera settings in order to get the best out of your photography. A landscape photographer relies on composition and timing but by adding some interest, following the rule of thirds and using lead in lines, reflections and silhouettes some interesting results can be achieved. Additionally, playing with perspectives and capturing a sunburst can give a photograph a striking difference. Here are some of the ideas I have been contemplating on my 2nd testing out for my proposal on conceptual thinking of sunrise and sunset(s).

sunset home 20

my home reflected in the sunset

sunset home 24

Experimenting with my favourite colours

sunset home 25

my son steps in to grab the sun for himself

sunset home 14

sunset home 17

sunset home 16

sunset home 14

sunset home 13Tungsten Lighting Effects & Cloudy

sunset home 12

sunset home 11

What have I got from this?

I have developed a pleasing aesthetic watching how the sunset plays with the delivery of light against shadows and how best to make the most of the rays of the sun by conceptualising them through footprints, shadows and hand movement. I have also additionally understood how to apply separate custom entailed white balance settings in my camera to make the most out of my compositions rather than relying on AWB (auto white balance)

What is next?

To apply this knowledge to my future photography and experiment further improving on my overall aims and objective.

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