Advanced Techniques and Processes 2A – Night Photography – Test Shots 2

What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My aims were to capture the effect of the remaining light during sunset on silhouette shadows looking to Brassai as influence, allowing the light to diffuse onto the pavement. I achieved this by being patient and waiting for the right moment to take the series of shots. Even though this exercise does not fit into a no daylight brief I was able to achieve a better understanding of how light affects a subject and have learnt how to capture images using the sun setting as a single light source which has informed other projects.

What have I done?

I have taken a series of night time photography shots just as the sun is setting looking at the influence of Brassai in order to gain a sense of perspective and angles when examining the shadows caused by the remaining sunlight.sunset home 5

Following on from my initial night photography featuring fireworks, I have looked more into how Brassai has influenced me as a photographer trying to find new ways in which to capture an essence of his work and enable me to find an effective way to promote both my conceptual thinking and my technical practice.

sunset home 6

sunset home 4

sunset home 3What have I got from it?

I have created an interesting aesthetic in these compositions that I am pleased with, looking at how shadow and light plays an important part in the composition of any photograph. All of my photographic aims this semester have relied on gaining the necessary technical knowledge of capturing light to its fullest advantage within each photograph.

What is next?

Technical know how has been established from a landscape perspective. I now have the ability to put this into practice in my sunset proposal. My overall aim is to create an interesting aesthetic allowing people into my landscape compositions to add more interest.

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