Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Conceptual and Divergent Thinking – Test 2 – ‘Vase as Well’


Conceptual and Divergent Thinking – Test Two

Relates to Outcomes: 3 – see research folder for contact sheet and 2 for research, Capture to Concept and Conceptual Photography, Ida, Process, Truth, Bate’s Conceptual Art and Playing Around Photography)

 concept well 1


What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My aim was to conceptualise an inanimate object and create an imaginatory narrative to make something ordinary different. I feel that I achieved my aims in making a series of photographs that originated from a conceptualisation that created two separate scenarios making use of colour and colour association (i.e. the chocolate wrappers with the colour of the vase and the contrast of the penguin with the vase. This created an interesting aesthetic and allowed for a fun conceptualisation to have life.

What have I done?

Following on from the theme of conceptual and divergent thinking, I have completed a series of test shots looking at the object of a simple purple vase. I began by brainstorming a range of ideas as to how this object might be conveyed. I came up with the following possibilities:

concept well 2”It’s a long way down into that well in it”

What have I got from it?

I have been able to conceptualise a simple every day object into imagining that the vase could be a number of other things thinking creatively.

  • Mini Golf putting hole
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Fly catcher
  • Spiders house
  • Leaking fish tank
  • Amethyst gold mine
  • Equilibrium chamber
  • Purple well
  • Leg stand for a one legged barbie
  • Extra large perfume bottle
  • Mini purple tower block
  • A candle extinguisher
  • A portal into another dimension

Through examining our thought processes a collective idea of having an amethyst gold mine, a kind of portal into another dimension and a well all appeared to merge into one.

concept purple goldmine

concept purple goldmine 3(The purple ‘goldmine’ created with sweets and a purple vase with mini gold address labels).


Method and Presentation:

Using a light meter reading and an ISO of 100, with a one second exposure did not produce the results I was looking for. I therefore altered my aperture and exposure settings to compensate. Using both an 85mm and a 40mm I was able to achieve a variation of close up photographs. However I think the overall compositions which include my key ring and the little fluffy battered penquin has achieved the best and most comical results.

concept well 11ollie falls into the purple well

concept well 7A rescue mission ensues…

concept well 5

concept well 8ollie poses for a shot his rescue attempt is a success


For evaluation what have I done and what have I got from it – see above.

What is next?

The constant practice of conceptual and divergent thinking allows the photographer to creatively visualize a client brief and directive, often with few resources. These image were created with what was at hand, away from home in the Fabric Exhibition Gallery where I had to use my initiative in order to creatively visualize my ideas and bring them to life. Ollie (penquin on my key ring) is now free from the snares of the purple well and so my conceptual photographic ideas recreate a narrative for this mini brief that will enable me to come up with solutions and creative ways to deliver a client brief in the future as I was thinking on my feet. This was a fun exercise, conceptual thinking clearly plays a vital role in a photographers life as it helps to realise goals that a client may ask you to come up these imaginatively led solutions at short notice.

I will examine conceptual thinking further to allow me to both think on my feet and visualise my creativity.

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