”Paula is a Conceptual Artist and Fine Art Photographer/Exhibitor”

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Relates to Outcomes: 3 and 4

Mission Statement:

Creavitity requires focus and energy. My purpose as a photographer and artist is conceptually directed towards capturing your one to one exclusive moments, whether they be landscape or portrait, commercial or concept. I fundamentally believe in working together to create something unique which will be tailored to your specification.


My work is currently being exhibited at the Fabric Gallery (extended until the end of October 2014) and is entitled ”Perceptions of Time”. A unique closing event is planned for late October, from this enterprise a new Photographic Studio near the Westfield Development in the heart of Bradford will open soon.


Academic Reasoning for my position in photography:

According to Freeman: 2009, 68), ”skillful photographers not only have a very good idea of the workflow that their images will go through but they also know how their images will end up in front of viewers”. In other words, if you know your genre, you will know where to put your photography. Additionally, according to Fried (et al, 75) an ‘increasing number of photographs are now being curated onto the exhibition wall.’

Therefore my work belongs in the fine art/abstract landscape category and belongs on the gallery wall. A growing appreciation of conceptual art within the genre of photography emphasises my position for future work and my ethos that the final product is ultimately the thing that matters will be ultimately successful.


perceptions poster seal


Profile: Paula Thompson-Fearnley


Photographer and Film Noir Fan

If  you would like any more information please get in touch via the form below.

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