STUDIO PRACTICE and TECHNIQUES AND PROCESSES – 2A Worksheet 4 ‘’Explain an understand of external opportunities for potential publication’’


Worksheet 4

‘’Explain an understanding of external opportunities for potential publication’’

Relates to Outcomes: all See research folder 1aa)

Target Audience:

1. Considering my proposal for Techniques and Processes, I have looked into the Fine Art Portrait Painting of De La Tour, The Magdalen and have chosen to reconceptualise it in a modern setting in order for people to better understand her story so that the photographer and participants concerned can reveal how she has come to be misrepresented.

2. Considering my proposal for Studio Practice, I have looked into exhibiting in an fine art scenario and tourist offices, reconceptualising my efforts through context and the narrative, depicting changes in the landscape as narrative and concept by taking a series of landscape sunset photographs.

For more information and a break down of ”understanding external opportunities” please see research folder: 4

The four different places that have been selected are:

The Fabric Gallery, 33a Broadway, Bradford, were I am currently exhibiting and have achieved a number of sales. A new exhibition/photographic studio is under review presently. This also has an established link with ‘Artbound Community’ who collaborate with individual artists for collective exhibitions. I am also working on a solo exhibition based on the concept of theological thinking.

The application for the Artbound Community will establish me as an artist and a photographer via their promotional website as an exhibitor and creator.

Bradford Cathedral has an organised art base, which have both non theological and theological exhibitions at the Cathedral on a regular basis. As the subject matter has a religious context and is conceptualised I will approach them regarding setting up an exhibition or make appropriate plans for a joint exhibition.

Church Magazines (organised by the Steeton Office for the Diocese of Bradford) but which run nationally, often run regular features of interest on subjects like iconography/women in the Bible and encourage users to participate in a shared knowledge process by giving talks and seminars on the subject. I have lectured on the subject of iconography and given talks/presentations to Church interest groups previously. Paintings with historical interest can yield pleasing results (when studying for my M.A I interpreted Revelations from the Bible and completed an Abstract Theological Painting entitled ‘’Energised by Faith’’ (see inset). The magazines themselves are distributed throughout church groups and are well received for the information they hold. Additionally an event could be planned that would introduce the subject matter to a receptive audience and while these are carried out on a voluntary basis, commissioned work (such as the painting mentioned) a fee is usually agreed.

Artbound Community is an organisation which promotes, distributes and works with the creative artist in whatever genre establishing their work in event type exhibitions and displays throughout Yorkshire. They also help with the creative process supporting the artists online and through a forum and additionally offer a mentoring type program.

I have now achieved two of my objectives (update: 06.11.2014)


What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My aim was to fulfill the requirement of finding a variety if organisations/connections that will assist me with establishing current and future exhibitions. I have achieved my aims has I have established an online presence with mentoring and support, another exhibition for 2016 and I have established contacts within Fabric. My aims overall are to increase my contacts and organise a profesional portfolio.

What have I done?

I have looked at a range of four exhibition possibilities and have now established them all (update: 01.12.2014) as an ongoing project in researching external opportunities for myself as a photographer.

What have I got from it?

I have a range of connections that are now improving me as a person and as a photographer and additionally promoting me as an individual. I have established some great friendships and lasting business liaisons.

What is next?

To find and locate other possible ventures for the future by expanding my location to incorporate Leeds and the surrounding area. I have an exhibition scheduled for 2016 and a current online exhibition (perceptionsoftime through redbubble). I will additionally be turning towards taking an editorial approach and writing a book to accompany the 2016 exhibition.

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