Advanced Techniques and Processes 2A – Worksheet 6 – Reading Week Assignment

Relates to Outcome 4


During reading week our assignment was to discover a magazine/editorial piece or gallery that suited our work and then to analyse its style or ‘look’:

Identify the appropriate curator and prepare a statement outlining who you are, what you do and why they should use you.

Produce a portrait of someone in the style presented which will accompany your written statement. A portrait is not possible in this instance, so I have included the three separate logos from the organisations I am presently involved with.

fabric gallery logoartboundartspaceMethod/Presentation:

Having already presented and exhibited on several occasions this year (see front page for my current exhibition), I have an already established mentoring and curatoring at the Fabric Gallery in Bradford and additionally within the Fabric Organisation and also with Bradford Cathedral Artspace. (see mentoring and exhibition write up for more information).

Analyse the style and look of the Gallery:


Fabric provides a number of resources to artists and arts organisations in Bradford and surrounding areas. Alongside this website Fabric also maintains which provides a directory of artists and arts organisations that can be searched by potential commisioners including schools, businesses and individuals. If you would like to be included in the database then please go to the site and create a profile.

Fabric’s Market Street initiative is helping to bring life back to one of Bradford’s main streets by making creative use of empty shops, working with existing retailers and businesses and encouraging local people to help shape this small part of their own city centre.

Fabric offers one-to-one support to emerging and mid-career artists based on many years experience of working in the creative sector, in a range of disciplines, and of working with practitioners to provide tailored support according to your needs.

Fabric’s mentoring programme can help you develop your career by connecting you with experienced industry professionals who will assist with clarifying objectives, devising strategies and plans and acting as an advisor or sounding board.

Fabric can arrange work placements for practitioners who need hands-on experience in their chosen field. Fabric works with a range of organisations, both local and further afield, who can give you the experience you need to develop your career.


my new profile link:

Statement used: This is the information sent to Artbound on the 23rd of October 2014.




Description: Paula is a conceptual artist and fine art photographer/exhibitor whose purpose is directed towards capturing one to one exclusive moments for the collective and individual, whether that is in photography or art.

I work both as a portrait/wedding photographer and as a landscape/commercial photographer. I additionally specialise in creating abstract silk paintings and watercolours and I teach in the community on the subject of art and I have also lectured in Iconography on a regular basis.

I have additionally studied successfully academically for a number of years, gaining a degree (M.A) in Theology and the Arts from York St John University and a degree in Social Studies from Bradford. I am currently completing my B.A in Photography, I therefore specialise in conceptual and theological thinking.

I am at present exhibiting at the Fabric Gallery called ‘Perceptions of Time’’ and I am looking to open my own photography/art studio in the centre of Bradford in late 2014/early 2015.

Contact details:




M: 07*********

I also have links to my current website/blog for university on the the artbound site and have a link to the current exhibition on the Fabric Website and other associated fine art photography venues. Currently there is an event occurring in Huddersfield called the Festival of Light where I have asked to exhibit. I also have a silk painting blog: and a site where I blog about academic matters appertaining to photography. I have also approached lecturers in the field of photography to see if I can work with them on a research journal for an academic publication.

Bradford Cathedral’s ‘Art Space’

The purpose of Artspace is to offer the people of Bradford and beyond high quality performance and visual Arts’ events, reflecting the significance of the Arts within the Christian church.

It will do this by:

  • Connecting the Cathedral with the wider community through Arts’ events that have local interests (i.e. Fabric)
  • Being open to a wide range of people and communities, helping them to explore issues of spirituality
  • Offering local artists performance and exhibition space within which to celebrate their creativity
  • Working in partnership with organisations that share its desire to increase cooperation and understanding in a multi-faith environment
  • Showcasing a range of Arts’ events that beautify the cathedral building by being in sympathy and harmony with it, and increasing the number of visitors
  • Artspace 2014 celebrates textiles and the stories told through fabric, thread and the skill of the worker … …

Health and Safety: – using photographic lighting equipment safely:

My area of photography is landscape, where you need to be self aware and follow the advise regarding the positioning of equipment from lectures. So, I have included a portrait photography studio setting re setting up lighting equipment safely to cover all aspects of my photography. A landscape photographer additionally has a responsibility not to harm the environment, leave gates open etc.

  • Always uncoil all electricity cables, do not leave them wound on any storage spool. If you do this the coiled cable gets hot and there is a serious risk of fire.
  • Tape down, using strong ‘ gaffer ‘ tape. This prevents people tripping up on loose cabling.
  • Always use the correct lighting stand for the photographic lighting you are using.
  • Do not over reach/raise the lighting stand, this can cause the stand to tip over.
  • Please remember that photographic lights, particularly tungsten, can get very hot. Do not over balance them. If they fall onto a model, for example, they can cause horrific burns to skin.
  • If they fall whilst unattended there is serious risk of fire.
  • If adjusting ‘ barn-doors ‘ etc. on tungsten lightin and always use protective gloves.
  • After you have finished, allow the lighting equipment to cool down before moving.
  • Always use the correct fuse specified for the equipment you are using.
  • Do not over load electricity supply/circuit.


What have I done/What were my aims and have I achieved them?

I have looked at the Fabric Gallery, the Artbound Community and ArtSpace at Bradford Cathedral to identify the way in which I can move forward in terms of exhibiting my work in and around Bradford. These were my aims and I have achieved them beyond my initial expectations.

What have I got from it?

In carrying out this exercise I have been able to identify that Exhibition Work is a key aim of mine for the future. I now have established links working within the art community/exhibition establishments to enable me to take part in learning more about the process of exhibiting and of how to become a more successful fine art photographer. I can move confidently into the future with the knowledge that I have now gained from every aspect of exhibiting. I know now how to edit and select successfully for an exhibition, I can mount and frame photographs and put the images up on gallery walls, I also know how to take part in looking after clients who visit exhibition spaces as I worked for two months in the gallery. I can now take detailed accounts of costings and know in detail how much it takes in terms of time, money and commitment to make an exhibition successful taking into account the health and safety aspects that are required including insurance.

What is next?

To look at the possibilities of extending my exhibition work to incorporate Leeds and the surrounding area. Exploring the idea of running my own gallery and sourcing out the finances to do so.


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