Advanced Techniques and Processes – Worksheet 5 – Calumet Genesis and Bowen

DSC_1389 DSC_1391Relates to Outcomes: 2 and 3 – Research/Practical Work/Physical Examples

and Outcome 4: re using appropriate software


Following on from a lecture which discussed the use of Calumet Genesis 300B and Bowens Genesis 650d’s and 430EX11 flashguns we were asked to make a series of portraits on location.

Balancing daylight and flash can be difficult, therefore, a light meter reading was taken to determine exposure and an appropriate compensation of one to two stops was recorded depending on the amount of daylight measured (due to an unfamiliar location).

Method and Presentation:

Using an ISO of 100 for stability with a tripod and the lighting and battery power already stipulated, we were able to establish some well thought out portrait work against the backdrop of a plain dark wall.

Working with an 28mm lens and an exposure of 1/125th of a second and an aperture of f/2.8, created an interesting aesthetic on the subjects face. I additionally worked in RAW. I then produced to work with another subject against a black wall at an ISO of 100, an aperture of f/5.6 and an exposure of 1/100th of a second and 1/125th of a second and took a series of shots against a black background exposing the face succesfully.


I have investigated the use of Phottix and since purchased both the transmitter and receiver to enable me to carry out additional experimentation with a subject matter away from the studio setting. The genesis equipment will be researched and added onto regarding the portable battery pack as I want to investigate the possibilities of taking portrait photography in a landscape setting both in an urban and rural environment.

The bowens lighting used made a successful composition in the studio and I learnt additionally that the umbrella positioning can make all the difference in creating and making a successful photograph, as in the further away the diffuser is the softer the light is. I will continue to investigate this when it comes to taking my own self portrait.

The bowens lighting was diffused slightly using a black or white board to highlight the face that compensated for a directional light that could be, at times, a little harsh especially on those in the group who had lighter hair therefore compensation was required with the black/white boards.




What were my aims and have I achieved them?

My aims were to gain experience using phottix transmitters and receivers alongside the calumet and genesis lighting and portable battery equipment. I achieved my aims as I took some successful portrait photographs within a group session. I need to add to this experimentation using secondary lighting in a portrait to landscape setting to fit in with my genre of interest gaining additional experience in creating a series of mood portraits.

What have I done?

I took a series of portrait photographs using calumet and genesis equipment (lighting and portable battery with phottix equipment)

What have I got from it?

This is a technique I can clearly develop if I want to specialise in portrait or commercial photography.

The portable battery enabled the photographer to record in places on location where an electrical source is not readily available. Therefore, I will be additionally testing this out by purchasing a battery power pack of my own and experimenting out of doors on location in a rural and urban environment, which will be extremely useful for both project proposals.

As part of the experiment and research, I established that the genesis power port is a 12v circuitry inverter capable of increasing the power up to 220v at an eight to nine second charge. This will comfortably achieve from 150-200 flashes working with the Phottix transmitter and receivers.

I have additionally discovered knowledge with regards to the equipment necessary to become a successful photographer (particularly in the portrait business) and although this is not my chosen specialised field I found the exercise to be stimulating, capturing some satisfactory images.

What is next?

To carry out additional experimentation with the equipment so that I may take up portrait photography if I wish in the future and perhaps combine landscape and portrait to add meaning to my compositional approach to landscape.


Additional information on research can be found in my research folder but these specific websites initiated my research.

Bowens Genesis 400

Calumet Genesis 300b

Elemental Genesis 8

For further information on the subject of portrait and phottix transmitters and receivers, look to additional research on my blog.

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