Techniques and Processes 2a – Calumet and Lighting as a Landscape Artist/Photographer


After completing research on this particular exercise I have established that I do not currently have the funding or extensive equipment required/that would be necessary to create a professional and successful lighting backdrop to for example highlight a landscape. When it comes to architectural structures (such as buildings, churches etc proper installation of outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty and security of a home. HPS lighting is advised, however colours are not often well defined or easy to distinguish in a no daylight setting. I envisage that this kind of lighting would be more appropriate in a holiday type setting abroad. Motion sensors are often not emitting for a sustained period of time which would make photographing difficult and extremely variable, particularly in a no daylight scenario. (see feature in research folder: Angie’s list). Decorative lighting that has previously been installed in a home environment may be possible as it would give the home character and decorative architectural components and landscaping could be accented, which could include handrails or illuminated rope lighting.

As calumet testing with the appropriate equipment was only available to hire at the studio in college, I was not able to apply this to my particular genre, however, I did successfully complete a series of portrait images using the equipment, proving that I am capable of adapting to portrait and in using the equipment.

According to Angie’s List, it can take years to gain the experience necessary to learn the outdoor lighting design craft. I feel currently unequipment and inexperienced and unable to locate where I might take such photographs other than use the current Christmas decorations. However, I have taken these images without the calumet testing kit for reasons I have explained previously.

Currently the best price for a portable flash kit and best kit is the Calumet Genesis GF400 + Powerpoint Duo 1000 (see research folder for more details: digital camera world 03.12.2013. These are priced at five hundred pounds, the Bowens portable flash kit comes is also an advised purchase. Due to my current finances (having recently purchased an upgrade in camera with two lenses), I feel unable to commit to such a purchase.


I would have liked to gained experience working with the equipment outdoors on location in a variety of landscape settings so I could expand on the idea I had of merging portrait with the landscape. Unfortunately this was not possible but I hope that I will be able to afford the purchase and use the equipment in the future.

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