“The abstract photography of Celtic symbolism and other associated art symbol depicting the Yorkshire Region.’’

Research Proposal:


Focusing on the lesser known parts of religious architecture: for example – Celtic art (and other associated historic crafts) I will research, explore and experiment with a medium frame camera and full frame digital technology utilizing Capture One and Adobe Photoshop to create a series of abstracts with focus on religious typographical archeological and architectural perspectives. Thus enabling the viewer to reexamine the aesthetic and culturally significant importance of our artistic heritage. The history of these religious objects of art will be researched and fully categorized by description and by the visual image to highlight origin, culture and religious/spiritual significance.

Additionally, if time allows, I intend to establish links between religious symbolism within the artefacts photographed and that of the gaming industry in order to prove that religious symbolism is evident in contemporary society.

For example: Manchester Cathedral being in dispute with Sony (Martin: 11.06.2007) i.e. PS3 vs The Church of England) http://www.bit-tech-news/gaming/2007/06/ps3_vs_the_church_of_england)

Research Requirements:

The research requirements will involve investigation into the best medium format camera that my budget will allow as a pre requisite for this body of work. It will additionally involve gaining experience and knowledge of Capture One Software and Adobe Photoshop and the knowledge and experience of working with a medium format camera from a technical viewpoint.

Researching into the history of the Celtic Art and other associated symbols within religious architecture and archaeological buildings/artefacts will be necessary in order to inform my photographic practice and a series of case studies will be given as examples of where to find these artefacts within the region in which I will be working (Yorkshire). The suggested religious buildings are listed below.

Additionally it will be necessary to research other photographers working within this genre in order to identify if there is a niche in the market for my professional practice to enable a range of appropriate working links to gain future employment and/or academic research interests.

Production Methods/Presentation:

The technical and production requirements therefore will be shooting on location (indicated by the case studies listed below) working in both colour, black and white and with a medium format camera and with full frame digital so that I may compare and contrast the results. My ‘quantity’ may be limited as artefacts may well be scarce and therefore depend wholly on my ability to research and gather historical and archaeological evidence. My intention is to then produce an editorial piece and an exhibition on the subject. My photographic aims overall is to highlight the skill and dedication required by our ancestors to create these interesting buildings and artefacts.

Target Audience:

My target audience could vary considerably due to the artefact photographed. My research has already initially established that there is a market for discovery within a vast age range and that my findings will have an extensive scope. Archaeology enthusiasts, members of society who are architecturally interested in local history/history and art groups, libraries and religious leaders and their congregation, educators and academics who research into the evolvement and impact of gaming to name but a few.

An exhibition is planned for 2015 and 2016 one of which has been secured to date. Publication investigation highlights the opportunity for each church or artefact being studied will highlight the social and historic concerns of the church in the publication of pamplets/guides and related information. Many churches have given some consideration to religiously significant art practices and now house an art exhibition within their premises. (Bradford Cathedral being such an example). I am additionally working alongside Steve Bishop in order to establish (through Arts Funding) a new exhibition/gallery centre in Bradford which will ideally house a photographic studio, office and gallery space.

Possible Case Studies:

Manchester Cathedral, Bradford Cathedral, York Minster, Wakefield Cathedral, Fountains Abbey, Rievaulx Abbey, Chantry Chapel on the bridge, Wakefield, Bolton Abbey, Whitby Abbey, Kirkstall.

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