PDP 2 Presentation – Worksheet 4 – Career Aspirations

Career Aspirations Presentation:

(see outcome 4:Research Folder for further information)


As I have developed and given further consideration to both my Business Plan with full evaluation and costings and prepared a five to ten minute presentation (see folder for more information and powerpoint presentation), I have included the outline of my presentation here to demonstrate that my career aspirations are becoming more specific as I think further about my career. The presentation will be given to my peers in March 2015. Prior to this, I will be working on fine tuning my timings for the presentation. As you can see I have prepared my presentation in three stages taking into account my short term, medium term and long term goals. Each future plan and their separate stages may be integrated as my personal and professional situation continues to evolve and altering and amending my business plan with evaluation may be affected subsequently as opportunities arise.

My career aspirations are different from my peers as I am not wholly dependent financially on the success of becoming a photographer and even though I love photography my research capabilities may well lead me into other areas of specialism as discussed below. I do not profess to know all the answers regarding my future at this stage and often through life I have become increasingly aware that situations can and do change and the need to have a degree of flexibility in your plans is somewhat essential.

Therefore please see the following career aspirations below and if you are interested in working with me to help me to achieve my goals (and perhaps a few of your own) do let me know.

Thank you

Paula Thompson-Fearnley


Career Aspirations and Goals

Short term plan

  • To finish my academic education and research on the archaeology and architecture of Early English Churches
  • To exhibit as a fine art photographer and as a possible curator
  • To set up another exhibition for 2015 and 2016
  • Work on writing a book and providing the photographs for two editorial pieces
  • Applying for funding for a gallery space with mentor
  • Organize some new business cards
  • Work further with other mentors who share my interests

Medium term plan

  • To complete a working portfolio
  • To establish more links with the arts community
  • Go through the mentoring process with Artbound Community and work on my profile
  • Create a website
  • Establish a fund working group and contact educators via Bradford Council with a written proposal involving interaction with schools
  • Continue to work on my editorial project and exhibition
  • Update my business plan and design a website

Long term plan

  • Find a publisher for my editorial work
  • Finalise my research project for the 2016 exhibition
  • Open a gallery in consultation with my mentor/curator
  • Implement our plans to have a photographic studio and office in conjunction with our house move
  • Take on travel photography with our semi-retirement plans
  • Continue to document the landscape from a spiritual or non-spiritual perspective
  • Enjoy my semi retirement with my partner

Who are my clients and target audience and how will I achieve this/who will I approach?

My clients are educators, the general public, exhibition visitors, artists, gallery owners, congregations and lay members and academic staff also the tourist and travel industry.

  1. The appropriate funding will enable the gallery to display my work to the public (Arts Council and Research Grant Application)
  2. The general public through my Artbound Artist Community Page
  3. The general public through building my own website and blogging/producing photographs for the Northumberland Tourist Board
  4. The education establishments will be approached through a funding program (The Arts Council of England) and through Bradford Council to see if a project could be written up between the schools and the artist research/photographer academic team.
  5. Peers and artists with regards to the exhibition/gallery space
  6. Archaeological and architectural organisation’s such as WYAS and architects in the area
  7. Collaboration with other alternative religious organisation’s such as the druidism movement or Wicca.
  8. Exhibition set up for 2016 at Bradford Cathedral and exhibition set up in the summer of 2015 with Artbound (Various sites around Yorkshire) and Yorkshire Photographers Network (Corn Exchange at Leeds).
  9. The promotion of my photography through established links with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society and the Yorkshire Tourist Board and the Northumberland Office.
  10. Gain experience working alongside an architect office in the region.
  11. Write a guide book and information guide for each of the churches I visit/take photography to have within both a book for my exhibition work and for the tourist industry – this information will be established over a five year program beginning with this years Studio Practice and Techniques and Processes modules and continuing through to my dissertation and beyond.
  12. I will require a proof reader for my academic research publications


I will be self-financing the research and photography as I have some money left over from my award. I will be working to gain the same award from Bradford College for this year.

Funding from the Arts Council U.K. and the Research Grant Application Funding for my research will be submitted to the joint and present directors of Fabric during consultation with a view to creating a new organization thereby sustaining an art gallery in the Bradford area where there is a recognized need. If necessary, I may choose to fund my research by advertising a Wedding Planning Service with a photographic/floristry element to the individual church magazines as I document the churches in the Yorkshire region which will be ideal in terms of it reaching its target audience. My eventual publication should bring in the required funds to sustain me financially at the end of the project.

Technological Changes:

It terms of my photography I doubt that there will be any changes during the next five years that would necessarily affect the style of the photography I intend to take nor would I require any additional equipment beyond the scale of my present funding.

Working within the Wider Context:

There is little evidence to suggest that there are currently any photographers who work in this genre on a regular basis. Mostly work on a story at a time kind of scenario where photographic evidence narrates a story that is connected with the area. This is not a part of what I want to do and is journalistic in nature. Writing a book and academically researching the buildings from an architectural and archaologically spiritual perspective is not something that has been done since Edwin Smith and even then he did not document Yorkshire.

There is further evidence to suggest that academically there is a huge scope in both writing about and tracing religious symbolism back to the inspiration source. This alone could form an interesting exhibition and educational project. Gaming is rife with symbolism and in tracing the inspiration to many of the backgrounds in games will create an interest from a younger generation. i.e. The Legend of Zelda and the game Resistance in comparison to symbolism and the controversy surrounding Manchester Cathedral.

Please see my current business plan for further information.

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