This is an extensive project and will involve meeting several long term professional photographic and academic goals. A separate Glossary of Terms will also be presented through my research folder as these terms will be needed in order to be able to identify accurately the historic, architectural and archaeological aspects of my visual narrative/findings.

Technical approach to my compositions involve capturing the light and using shadow and highlights to effect. Studio practice approach is to give interest to the church by highlighting some of the historical and ecclesiastical symbolism present throughout the cathedral, from ancient crosses to piscinas, from the altar rail to the church choir stalls the cathedral is littered with intricate carvings, memorials and links to Bradford and Yorkshire.

Bradford Cathedral’s Points of Interest:

  1. Two pieces of cross shaft (PRN 2397 and 7246)

DSC_4383the most ancient part of the cathedral

  1. Medieval grave cover (PRN 7949)
  2. Solid silver image of St. Peter stood over the altar
  3. Western Tower with heavy paired buttresses a seven light west window and a paired two light belfry opening below a paneled and pinnacled parapet



intricate embroidered altar cloth depitcing Christ as a shepherd with a crown and entwined roses. The piscine is covered by a small rood 2


hand carved figure of Saint Peterchurch 3


Beautifully carved wooden door leads into the Chapel of St. AidanDSC_4243


The sunlight reflecting on the stone walls DSC_4307


a gargoyle which is similar to those present at Lincoln CathedralDSC_4325


Hand painted stars in gold reflecting heaven DSC_4335


A symbol of St PeterDSC_4360  Reflections of a lecturn casting shadowsDSC_6126


William Morris WindowDSC_6186

Window – the women of the apostles

  1. Cannon balls unearthed at the foot of the tower
  2. The old clock room – over the door is a stone dated 1268 (a lintel from an earlier building?) including a clock recased 1695 with the present clock dated 1860
  3. High up just above the roof is an old sanctus bell, the walls are covered with masons marks



the clock and bell towerDSC_4382


Designed specifically altar cloths to reflect the seasons and the doctrinal calendarDSC_4378 DSC_4377 DSC_4376


reflections on the altar aisle and stepsDSC_4360 DSC_4365


Light and slight movement creates an ethereal effectDSC_4356

Sunlight pours in through the high vaulted ceiling windows sending prisms of light

  1. Memorials confirm the infant mortality rate and a number of people named have streets named after them in Bradford
  2. Silver flagon for communion 1691 from Mary Midgley
  3. Cherub from the memorial of the above has three books carved in stone which can be lifted down
  4. Carved figures on the choir stalls

DSC_4273 DSC_4272 DSC_4275 DSC_4274 DSC_4276 DSC_4277 DSC_4287carved angels, shells and detailing on the choir stalls, including a dragon and the church tower.

  1. The bishops throne (a memorial to Bishop Boyd Carter)depicts a fisherman with a net and above a pelican
  2. Benches carved cathedral tower standing on a rock with a dragon underneath
  3. Reredos 1862 represents the passion and the resurrection
  4. High up on the right wall is an ancient piscine
  5. High up on the left wall is a priests squint
  6. Font 1705 grecian in design and was moved
  7. Font cover 1536 similar to Halifax perpendicular in design – date suggests earlier?
  8. Grave slab at the foot of the tower in a wooden frame shows Thomas Barwick said to sounded the charge at the battle of Waterloo
  9. Two communion cups 6 5/8ths donated by Peter Sunderland – one has an episcopal ring of the 1st bishop of Bradford one was made in 1743 and the other a replica dates 1840
  10. Smaller paten of Britannia silver 6” in diameter made by Lofthouse in London in 1710
  11. Reresby Flagon 22” 1691 stamped unusually with the makers initials
  12. Old Alms dish VIII dated represents the return of Joshua’s spies
  13. Nave/Arcades are the oldest feature in the church with eight continuous bays

DSC_4402 DSC_4356 DSC_4350 DSC_4294

  1. Nave roof has ten bays with king post trusses with stone corbels of angel musicians dates 12 – 14th century
  2. Nave walls heraldic shields – chancel arch is of York the south braadford diocese and city skipton bingley north ripon, west riding county council pudsey keighley and otley
  3. Arches have no keystones, mason marks on the arch of the north arcaded which is 9” out of centre
  4. Pulpit with symbolism and the Saints

DSC_4306 DSC_4305 DSC_4301pulpit depicting fleur de lys and several saints

  1. Jacobean windows in the present Bolling Chaoel
  2. Old wall at the back of the old Leventhorpe doorway is an old preaching cross (same as one?) – now an organ chamber?
  3. In 1705 and 1724 the roof was cast timber was brought from Tong Wood. Angels support the beams each one is different in design with some playing musical instruments
  4. The North door is a royal coat of arms made of wood and coloured, queen anne in design.
  5. Near the door is a memorial to Joseph Priestly superintendent of the leeds and Liverpool canal for nearly 50 years.
  6. Bottom of the tablet is a relief showing the construction of the canal (the middle figure is said to be Priestley)
  7. Near the north door also is a memorial to Abraham Sharp born in 1651 he became a distinguished mathematician and astronomer and friend of Isaac newton.
  8. Frederick Delius was baptized at the church register dates back to 1599 and reflect bradfords textile past.

DSC_4256 DSC_4245 DSC_4256 DSC_4247

a place for reflection and contemplation – a simple cross carved into the altar rail and a kneeling mat with a Yorkshire rose

  1. Records of vestry meetings date back to the 18th century and would also cover law and order.
  2. The archives contain photographs of various historic events as well as photographs of how the church bank site looked in the past.
  3. Song room was created in memory to henry coates 1893-1938 organist and choirmaster the enrichment of the ceiling heraldically treated panels partly painted and partly silver leaf which represent the alms of the province of York and of the see of Bradford.
  4. The panels were designed by Charles Feeney to a scheme planned by Architect Sir Edward Maufe.


  1. Vernon Hill made the statue of St Cecilia the patron saint of music – using a symbol of an organ,
  2. The stained glass windows in the oriel are in memory of lay clerks joseph fell, Arthur t drake and George s raby and is the work of moira forsyth.

DSC_6186 DSC_6126 DSC_4457 DSC_4450 DSC_4451 DSC_4455 DSC_4456 DSC_4449 DSC_4440 DSC_4442 DSC_4447

the grounds of the cathedral – a protected conservation area.

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