Studio Practice 2B – Worksheet 4 – Pitch your project


The aims and objectives of this exercise was to pitch your project to as many people as possible in order to be able to externalise your practice. The pitch is to last ten minutes and deliver this to as many people as possible. As I was unable to attend due to ill health, I have put together a presentation and delivered it to working professionals at Bradford Cathedral and Wakefield regarding the Wedding Industry and at the Bankfield Hotel to as a Wedding Planner as I used to run a business in that area, which is included in my folder with appropriate feedback.


The overall objective of this exercise was to receive feedback to see if this work would still be commercially viable as I would now be able to add photography and floristy to my elbow as well as having experience in delivering events management.


I received some outstanding feedback regarding my alternative project idea which will enhance both my photography practice and my overall business ideas. Having run the business previously I stand in good stead to readministrate the business as a working practice.

For details regarding the presentation see my research folder and the portfolio package I would deliver to my brides to be from engaging with the audience at a bridal function to receiving direct responses from religious organisations and then accepting my advertising ideas and conceptual thinking.


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