Advanced Techniques and Processes 2B – Worksheet 1 – Medium Format Cameras Changing Technologies Brief


The aim of this worksheet is to examine the role of film based photography to a). identify the parts of a medium format camera. Which are given below. then a studio session was organised to assess the camera functions load a dummy film and b). evaluate which camera system suits your methodology.

parts of a medium format camera

Through my research, I discovered that the YashicaMat 124 suited my purposes as a Landscape Photographer better as it is lightweight, it has a built in light meter and I will get more out of the camera without interchanging the lense systems. Additionally it has great ergonomics. I feel that the lack of portability would affect my own movement. (see feature on the online photographer in my research folder).

The current problems I am having with my back means that the lighter the camera the better for me at present. Also budget determines what I can and cannot afford as due to limitations in being able to hire these cameras out from college means that I cannot have the camera with me when I want. This affects my photography when working with the landscape as I believe in capturing when the best light is available.

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