The aim of this worksheet was to work in the photographic studio on a practical session looking at the medium format cameras available in college. Due to back problems, I was unable to attend the session but have since worked with my medium format camera duplicating the scenario in my own studio working with two different lighting set ups as stipulated on the worksheet (i.e.flat and even and harder lighting with more shadows).

Comparative images from my medium format camera to my DSLR full frame will be analysed and the results will be shown within my research folder.

Overall Analysis:

My Yashica Mat 120G produced some pleasing results where I concentrated on balancing the effects of natural against artificial light with varying results. I need to be prepared to experiment more with non digital. The twin lens will take a while getting used to as you look down into the viewfinder on this particular model. The opportunity to involve myself more with the Yashica in a landscape setting which is my genre of interest did not prevail this semester due to ill health unfortunately and as a consequence I was only able to take two lots of experimental photographs – I am happier with the second series (smaller prints in the folder). One of which is a perfect composition (see church photo as reference). The other colour photographs appear faded in colour and the balance between the sky against the landscape is affected more than I would like. The digital camera I own does not appear to be affected by the change in light. I had hoped to complete a series of black and white photographs at Bradford Cathedral (which I will complete shortly) but to get these developed is costly and time consuming and not conducive to the amount of time I need plus the efficiency of a digital camera and convenience far surpasses my experimentation thus far. For these reasons I will need to photograph the cathedral in colour which wasn’t my aim nor was it the aesthetic look I was going for so I have decided against taking this professional route and will instead focus on my digital despite the fact that the prints I have are of excellent quality.

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