Studio Practice 2B – Conceptualisation of the Religious Visual Image

Aims and Objectives of Approach:

My aims and objectives of this body of work is to promote the landscape through the visual image. I will achieve this by:

1. Creating a portfolio of work that highlights my impressions of worship

2. Deciding whether or not to palpably capture the pace of the city the religious building represents and if there would be a trade off to make this decision. And do I want to capture my images in this way or will they all be solely from my perspective?

3. Identifying that there are similarities in architecture and archaeology in the region but that there are also ways to distinguish each church that makes them appealing to the investigator and audience.

4. My overall intention is not to present the obvious but to get an indepth perspective which reveals meaning and tells a story.

5. Working at the post-production stage, some subtleties will be revealed that focus on different aspects of religion.

6. A focus on illumination and light will be present in my images.

7. Through my very detailed research the images captured will be determined by the research prior to the photography being taken.

8. An instructive methodological approach to my work will allow me to tell a story.

9. Consideration will be given to produce some art work to accompany the series of photographs designed around the imagery they represent for a book I plan to write and for my future planned exhibitions.

10. This is a lifelong project that I will continue with focussing on developing research and conceptualising how the image will come together with my research findings.

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