STUDIO PRACTICE 2B – PRACTICE AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS – Section 3 research folder – see research of 3 other folders focusing on the three cathedrals

Section 3 of the research folder: Aims

Additional folders covering aspects of the individual churches will be submitted as expressing an ”ability to record and refine a substantial body of work which utilises both peers, tutors and external source feedback and makes appropriate use of the interrelationship between modules. Where possible, feedback will be sought from peers and tutors but experience of religious organisations and specific knowledge of the Early English Church would be extremely advantageous especially if there was knowledge of architecture and archaeology and I realise that this may not be possible.

In the specific case of my academic enquiry my intention is to engage with external sources for an appropriate amount of feedback. Upon presentation of my research on each of the churches involved I will request and submit feedback from my mentors and archive specialists/religious instructors. The feedback sheets will then be put into my general research folder for information.

Overall objectives:

As I will be submitting the research folders on the specific cathedrals alongside the general folder with feedback, then all the interrelationship between modules will be achieved and a substantial work will engage my desired target audience.

I will additionally refer to worksheet three as I have written extensively on the subject of contemporary issues within Christianity and other religions and have included a costing analysis, business plan, an evaluation, a project margins feature and ideas which can involve presenting religion through photography as well as discussing other contemporary issues which are both general and specific to the area of research.

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