Techniques and Processes – Outcome 4 – Analysing potential success in a limited market

Aims and objectives of this exercise:

Was to analyse the potential for success in a limited market in the genre of photography.

According to the Creative Industries Economic Estimates, January 2014 Statistical Release data, key findings for 2013 stated that there were 2.62m jobs in the creative economy. This means that the creative economy accounted for one in every twelve UK jobs.

Statistics demonstrate that employment in the creative economy highest statistic is in advertising, marketing and performance, however combining the photography stats (231,000) with the advertising section (482,000) and publishing (231,000) should mean that employment into either section is possible. Diversity therefore is what employers seek. My specialised area could possibly be restrictive but if I attempt to look for other resources to promote my photography and research then I will stand a very good chance of gaining employment or owning/curating a gallery. Additionally, this research does not give information about running a Wedding Planning Business which is also an investigation I am persuing.

Moreover, in the 2013 Survey, What Buyers want from Photographers it states that Art Directors make up 25.9% of the share in participant earnings, with personal projects weighing in regarding decision making for the hiring of photographers comes in at 67.3%. Obviously perspective employers are interested in photographers who have their own agendas when it comes to taking photographs. However, there is a consideration on whether or not these personal projects are a requirement for the businesses concerned.

Looking at tourism as a research for promoting photography, then it has been stated by the tourism industry (visit Britain corporate site – see research folder outcome four for all this information), then ”tourism is a valuable source of foreign and local exchange, worth more in export value alone in 2012 than crude oil, food beverages and tobacco (according to the corporate site) with domestic tourism combining 127 billion a year and the industry employs three million”.


My chosen field of publishing and gallery work combined with photography and academic research offers a successful outcome as I can diversify through the statistics given by approaching my photography from a research perspective (see 30 tips for successful academic research and writing – outcome 4 research folder ) or as a gallery owner/employee, thereby taking advantage of the current employment market trend for employment within the creative industry. However, my current plans are to continue with my research and photography on the religious/spiritual landscape therefore I will be continuing to meet relevant historians and lay persons to discuss my progress and to photograph cathedrals, abbeys and churches within the region of Yorkshire for an eventual publication on the subject. I may also consider a photobook as I have already produced several of these.

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